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Cooking Oils...which to use and when?

There’s so much buzz about various cooking oils that are available with different benefits that it can leave us very confused.

Which cooking oil to use?

Here are some tips......

  • Unrefined oils should not be heated.

  • Refined oils are exposed to high temperature during the manufacturing process, so, can be used for cooking at higher temperatures. But, they lose some of their benefits when they are refined and their use should be minimal.

  • Heating oils to smoking temperature is not good. It can release more toxins from the oils.

  • Vegetable oils are generally not preferred for cooking.

  • Canola oil is OK, but make sure it is organic as a non-organic one maybe GMO.

  • Olive oil is a great source of MUFAs or Mono unsaturated fatty oils that are great for us. But, it is best used without heating. Use it for salads and dressings. Similarly, sesame oil should not be heated up either.

  • Coconut oil has healing properties, can be used for sautés and baking.

  • Avocado oil is preferred for high heat cooking as is peanut oil.

  • Ghee or clarified butter can also tolerate high temperatures and is useful to cool down body heat during the summer months.

Have fun cooking!

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