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  • I have only seen Dr. Salem. If I see the other providers, how will they know everything they need to know about my child?
    All providers in the clinic use the same EMR system and have access to all your medical records. Hence, they are very familiar with your child's medical history, past visits, lab test results etc.
  • I prefer the natural approach when a provider treats my child. Do the other providers treat naturally too?
    The clinic's fundamental guiding principle is to provide primary healthcare in traditional medicine and alternative natural medicine setting. Our providers have been on this journey and will continue to learn/provide these services to augment traditional healthcare with alternatives like diet/lifestyle changes, natural herbs and supplements.
  • What will happen to my child’s treatment plan?
    The treatment plans will be smoothly transitioned to Dr. Kopalli with complete medical history.
  • How can we stay up-to-date about the status of Dr. Salem and in what capacity will she come back?
    We will reach out to the patients and post on our website about any changes in Dr.Salem's future plans.
  • There tends to be a language barrier for me at times. Are one of these providers able to speak my language?
    Our Providers and staff can understand and/or speak in several languages including Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. Please reach out to the front desk office for any language preferences.
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