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My New Journey

To my dearest Patients and Families, 

As most of us know, life passes us by quicker than we are able to see. I have seen this through my own experiences, and through yours as well. Watching your children grow with you and being there every step of the way for them throughout this journey has been truly indescribable. I have received the utmost joy from helping you and your child, and these past eighteen years of work have fulfilled me far more than I had ever expected them to. 

However, as we know, as our children grow older, we do too. And while our life often revolves around making sure that we are catering to our child’s every need, there comes a time in life where they step back one day and wonder what it is that they can do for you. After much consideration, I have decided that the next step for me is to take sabbatical to be with my family in India. With my parents getting older so far away, the urge to spend as much time as possible with them has only gotten stronger over the past few years, and short vacations are no longer sufficient enough for the time I want with them.

This has not been an easy decision. After dedicating the past almost twenty years of my life to Craig Ranch Pediatrics and Kiddie Docs, it has taken great strength to see that what my life calls for right now is a break from my career. As my family and I grow older, I have come to see that time with them is what I need right now. 

I am leaving you all for a period of time starting Sep 1, 2023, but I have made sure that you are left in great hands. I trust each and every one of the doctors and staff to take care of you and your child in the way that is best for everyone. I am certain that they will do a fantastic job in making sure that this office is no different without me. Dr. Kanaga, Sarah, and our new doctor, Dr. Santhisree Kopalli, who will be joining our family Aug 21, 2023, all know what this office expects of them, and what you all expect of them. They will deliver to everyone’s needs and demands as they have always done, and I trust that they will take care of you and your child well. 

So, without further ado, I wanted to thank you all for giving me the most fulfilling eighteen years. For all my patients, new or old, I value each and every one of you and hold every one of you near to my heart. You all have helped me grow immensely throughout this time, and I cannot thank you enough for it. 

All that being said, I do want to say that I know my journey with pediatrics is not over. I’m not yet sure in what way it will continue, but I do know that it is my passion to help parents and children, and that in some form, I will continue to serve this community in the near future. When I do come across my preferred method to go further with this journey, you all will be the first to know. 

I thank you all once again for entrusting me with your child’s wellbeing. It has been an honor to have been chosen as your pediatrician, and I hope that I have fulfilled your every need in my work. 

Here’s to starting a new part of my journey.

Faithfully yours, 

Nagaratina Salem, MD. 


Entrusting the care of your precious ones in capable good hands!

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