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Babies and Cell Phones

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

The brains of babies are rapidly developing even before they are born and this continues till their preschool years.

This is a very delicate developmental phase, when the brain is like a sponge, absorbing everything in their environment, including the microwave frequency emitted by wireless devices around the home. The closer the wireless devices, the greater the negative impact.

Several studies have proven that increased exposure to cell phones can damage the developing brain leading to problems with social and intellectual development.

This is also a stage when eye contact with babies is important. Increased cell phone use by parents can lead to decreased eye contact and interaction with their babies causing impairment in their social development. This has been proposed as one of the reasons for increased rates of Autism in kids.

Please set aside your cell phones when you spend time with your babies so they can develop to their full potential. And, please do not use your cell phone to keep your baby occupied.

The more time you spend reading and talking to your baby, the smarter your baby will grow up to be.

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