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One reason to reduce or avoid processed food

Over the years I have noticed that there are an increasing number of kids who have elevated insulin levels with other related health problems. 

So, I wanted to dig deeper into possible reasons. Is it just because kids are consuming increasing a mounts of sugar or are there other reasons?

Well, sugar consumption is certainly high, but another compelling reason for insulin resistance and increasing levels of insulin in the body is our exposure to various chemicals, including BPA, phthalates (present especially in cosmetics), persistent organic pollutants or POPs that are used as pesticides. These are commonly found in packaged or processed foods.

In addition to increased body load of these toxins, if a person is constipated, the exposure to these toxins is increased multi fold. 

The first step to reduce toxins in the body is to reduce or avoid the use of processed foods. This in turn will reduce elevated insulin levels.

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